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Perfect Me is a fantastic photo and video editor, free editing both for face and body. Only need a few steps, you can smooth your skin, remove pimples and blemishes, slim face, add beautiful facial filters, add hot and new stickers and more to get the perfect portraits. It is easy to slim waist, longer your legs and reshape your body as you like. Wonderful body editor and excellent face slimming photo editor for everyone to try.

Perfect Me is very simple to use. Just choose an image of your face or entire body to start using the app's features. In other words, once you've chosen a photograph, you can touch up your curves, waist, lengthen your legs, thin your face, and make your eyes look bigger or your lips fuller and brighter.

Perfect Me added Video Editing function now. You could slim waist and legs, reshape body and retouch face in videos easily. It could also make you look taller in videos and smooth skin. Try the teeth whitener, remove wrinkles and brighten eyes. Filter and more video editing tools waiting for you to try.

Here’s what can do with Perfect Me:
  • Reshape your body slim & hot figure
  • Magic One-tap edit auto beautify portrait
  • Skin decoration Abs & perfect body
  • Video beauty editor reshape body & face
  • Makeup & Shin tune change the color
  • Multiple faces edit as you like
  • Elongate your legs taller & longer

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